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Our Services: Driving Business Growth Through Targeted Content

At Kendragon Agency, our team of 50+ content professionals offers end-to-end services covering content strategy, creation, optimization and promotion. Our diverse capabilities and specializations allow customizing content marketing programs scaled to your specific brand, offerings, audiences and objectives.

Discover how our suite of services helps commercialize your expertise into compelling content assets primed for engagement and conversions.

Content Strategy Consulting

Well-planned strategies centered around core focus areas provide the blueprint for content programming success. Our content strategists dive into deep discovery of your digital ecosystem, competitors and personas to inform data-driven content plans to fuel your goals whether driving awareness, generating leads or positioning thought leadership.

Core strategy services include:

● Competitor Content Audit

We analyze competitors’ content from messaging to formats to uncover areas you can own in the marketplace.

● Buyer Persona Development

Detailed personas representing your target customer profiles inform content that aligns to motivators and questions influencing their purchase process.

● Content Gap Analysis

Comparing your existing content assets against gaps in topics, formats and types that personas are actively seeking out provides focus for new development.

● Content Category Definition

We define specific content areasownership potential exists to orient programming around.

● Content Calendar Framework

Mapping proposed content types to categories and funnel stages provides an organized content development framework.

● Content Marketing Plan

Our 80-page plan documents ties strategies to tactics for execution across blog, social, video, sales enablement content with KPIs.

Website Design & Development

Your website is the 24/7 sales center and content hub. Our full-service web design provides UX-optimized sites built for UI-rich content display and maximum conversions. Squarespace platform experts design on-brand, mobile-responsive website aligned to marketing goals from informational to ecommerce sites.

Core website services include:

● Information Architecture Planning

We optimize IA for intuitive navigation that enhances visitor experience and guides them to conversion goals.

● Custom Site Design

We design branded sites with UI focused on visual content display for deeper engagement aligned to your vertical.

● Website Development & Migration

Our developers expertly build out sites leveraging SEO best practices from technical and content foundations for ranking prominence.

● Squarespace Managed Hosting

We securely host your site with Squarespace providing 99.9% uptime guarantees and automatic nightly backups.

● Ongoing Support & Maintenance

From page updates to new integrations and migrations, our team handles ongoing site changes and upkeep.

Sales Enablement Content

Enable sales teams to act as trusted advisors by arming them with persuasive collateral content optimized to progress prospects closer to purchase. Our sales enablement content packages fast track results.

Core sales enablement services include:

● Sales Messaging Workshop

We refine core sales messaging and value propositions through internally aligning leadership and sales around what makes you uniquely valuable to customers.

● Battlecard Creation

These one page overviews provide responses to common objections/competitor comparisons to equip reps to win on sales calls.

● Sales Email & Call Scripts

We script sales outreach messaging with the right positioning and value messaging to spark more qualified conversations.

● Proposal & RFP Templates

Win more deals providing sales tailored proposal templates and streamlined RFP response processes to showcase your differentiators.

● Customer Case Studies

Nothing builds credibility like customer validation. We interview, write and design visual case studies showcasing client success stories.

● Product/Service Brochures

We distill product benefits into visually compelling trifold brochures ideal for sales meetings or prospect email nurture tracks.

Thought Leadership Content

Consistently publishing premium content positioned around your expertise establishes brand authority, attracts links/shares, and nurtures prospects – ultimately driving buyers to view you as an industry educator and partner versus vendor alone.

Core thought leadership services include:

● Industry Trend Research Reports

Annual research reports demonstrate market command through citing proprietary survey data and positioning implications.

● Ebooks & Whitepapers

Long-form guides providing actionable advice based on learnings establish your brand as a trusted advisor.

● Blog Content Creation

Ongoing ghostwritten blog content keeps prospects engaged during buyer journeys through providing value around focus topics.

● Infographics & Interactive Content

Visual assets make digesting data easy for social sharing, while calculators and assessments provide value.

● Podcast Production & Promotion

From planning episode topics to handling editing and syndication across major channels, we execute podcast amplification end-to-end to grow subscribers.

Social Media Content

Captivate audiences through social content optimized for engagement across the entire buyer’s journey from awareness through advocacy. We develop hundreds of on-brand social updates annually spanning visual, video and written content driving measurable conversions.

Core social media services include:

● Social Media Strategy Roadmaps

Tailored platform strategies guide resource allocation for maximum ROI whether building branded buzz or generating inbound leads.

● Engaging Social Copy

We create hundreds of monthly posts – everything from quick updates to inspirational quotes to article sharetakes – keeping followers compelled through an editorial content calendar approach.

● Social Graphics & Static Visuals

Eye catching logos, banners, images, clipart, infographics and Canva designs make your brand feeds pop while conveying visual brand identity consistently.

● Social Video Content

Creative video concepts brought to reality through scripting, storyboarding, full production/editing and motion graphic animation make your brand memorable and “viral” worthy.

● Hashtag Campaigns & Facebook/Instagram Ad Copy

Strategic paid social campaigns focused on conversions complement organic content drumming up buzz and buyer interest.

● Influencer Partnerships & Sponsorships

Working with credible niche influencers, we secure sponsored video reviews, testimonials and other co-marketing expands brand reach.

SEO Content Writing & Optimization

Capture qualified organic traffic through search engines by consistently publishing keyword optimized blogs and other website content matched to questions driving your buyer personas’ purchase journeys.

Core SEO content services include:

● Keyword Research & Mapping

We uncover the most sought informational queries and commercial terms aligned to products for targeting to own search opportunity.

● On Page Optimization

Following strict technical SEO protocols from title tag structuring to header hierarchy and image alt text optimization, we embed blog pages with authority cues to rank well.

● Content Gap Analysis Against keywords

Assessing existing site content against keyword opportunity guides creation of missing blogs/pages searchers seek most.

● Primary Keyword Targeted Blogs

Optimized around 12-15 core terms per piece, blogs become the cornerstone for owning those rankings long term through authority building.

● Link Building Content

Enhanced blogs packing expert advice attract backlinks, supporting keyword rankings along with site authority to improve all content visibility.

● Optimized Landing Pages

High impact pages like services or contact us are further enhanced for conversions from layouts emphasizing calls-to-action to speed optimization.

In Summary

This snapshot of core Kendragon Agency services only scratches the surface of over 50 specialized content solutions supporting brands across the entire customer lifecycle. Our team brings an optimal mix of skills in strategy, creation and technical implementation ensure delivering innovative, high-impact content marketing programs scaled to your specific goals.

Let’s connect today to define a solution matching your unique needs!

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