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Our Mission

Our Mission: Amplifying Brands Through Innovative Content

At Kendragon Agency, our passion is creating content that amplifies. We recognize that for today’s brands, content is much more than a marketing buzzword. Strategic, well-crafted content has the power to educate audiences, build credibility, inspire purchases and drive real business growth on a global scale.

We founded Kendragon Agency to provide exactly that – innovative content crafted to promote brands with purpose. Our name and vision are rooted in the idea of brands harnessing content to expand their voice and visibility, just like the mythical dragon Kendragon spread its formidable wings to command attention across lands.

That same captivating, authoritative resonance is what we empower for companies across industries. As your content marketing partner, we handle the creation and amplification of stellar content that gets you noticed. We enable you to focus on high-level vision while we manage content strategy, production and promotion.

By taking proven methodologies refined over nearly a decade working with over 500 brands, we ideate, develop and distribute the right content to the right channels at the right time – all tailored specifically to your brand, offerings and goals.

Our overarching mission is to drive outcomes through content, whether raising awareness, nurturing leads, educating customers or building loyalty. If you have an existing content program we can refine it using data and analytics for improvement. If you are just getting started, we provide full ideation through execution.

At Kendragon Agency, we recognize that being an expert content marketer requires an optimal mix of creative talent, analytical insight, technical skill and strategic vision. We have carefully built our team to deliver on all fronts. Our content specialists collaborate to transform your goals into resonating content that performs.

By choosing Kendragon Agency as your content marketing partner, you gain a passionate team of 50+ professionals including strategists, writers, designers, developers and promotion experts fully invested in content that accelerates your brand forward.

Our Approach: Connecting Brands & Buyers Through Content

Kendragon Agency employs a research-based methodology designed to conceptualize, produce and distribute high-converting content campaigns for lead generation, brand building and thought leadership. Our systematic approach includes:

1. Discovering Your Buyer Personas

We conduct in-depth buyer persona research to deeply understand your target audiences, common questions, and motivations for purchasing your offerings. These insights inform strategic content across the entire customer journey.

2. Analyzing Your Competitors & Industry

Next we carry out competitor analysis to assess strengths, weaknesses and gaps where your brand can establish thought leadership authority through differentiated content. Industry analysis further helps position content.

3. Determining Your Content Focus Areas

Leveraging research findings and content gap analysis, we define specific content categories and topics with highest potential to engage your personas and fuel your goals, whether brand awareness, lead conversion or retention.

4. Creating Your Content Strategy Roadmap

We develop a high level quarterly roadmap centered on producing quality blog posts, videos, visual assets and other content types mapped to your focus areas for maximum impact.

5. Aligning KPIs to Track Content Performance

Relevant metrics are established to gauge content effectiveness in driving outcomes tied to your goals like lead form submissions, content downloads, email subscribers generated and sales influenced.

6. Handling Content Creation & Production

Our writers, designers and other content creators collaborate to develop blogs, videos, graphics and more top-notch branded assets tailored to resonate with your audiences.

7. Maximizing Distribution Reach & Amplification

Promoting beyond your owned channels, we secure placements on external reputable, high-domain authority websites through contributor partnerships and guest posting relationships.

8. Continually Optimizing Based on Data

Leveraging built-in analytics across the conversion funnel, we consistently test and refine content based on visitor engagement, clicks and conversions data to improve results.

This exclusive end-to-end process combining creativity, optimization and amplification powered over $8.6M in revenue for Kendragon Agency clients last year alone.

Our Values: What We Stand For

At Kendragon agency, we recognize content marketing done right has the power to drive exponential growth for organizations. But even more, content spread the right messages builds communities and sparks positive change. We take pride using our skills to promote brands and causes focused on enriching people’s lives.

Beyond expertise, our team brings shared values of integrity, inclusion, service and excellence to every project:

Integrity & Trust

We build trust with clients through transparency, honest communication and delivering exceptional service experience. We take accountability in all we do.

Embracing Inclusivity

We promote diverse perspectives and backgrounds within our team, content and clients to foster innovation.

Service Mindset

We believe serving clients and community through our talents brings meaning and joy to our work.

Commitment to Excellence

We relentlessly refine skills and services to consistently exceed client expectations. Mediocrity has no place here!

These shared values influence everything from hiring talent to working with clients and partners to the pro bono content programs we run for deserving causes making a difference worldwide.

The content we create not only promotes our clients’ offerings, but also their beliefs. We choose to work with those making concerted efforts to build a conscious capitalism ecosystem promoting compassion, ethics and sustainability.

If those values resonate with your brand, we welcome you to join our expanding network of purpose-driven clients!

Our Culture: Empowering Brilliance

Kendragon Agency has been recognized 4 years running as a Top Workplace, and for good reason. Here, every team member has the opportunity to showcase our unique creative brilliance while being supported with resources to excel.

By combining stellar talent with collaborative community, we empower brilliance in all we produce.

For our team members, that means:

Empowering Work Culture

We champion innovative thinking and foster talent through coaching, cross-functional projects, professional development stipends and more.

Collaborative Community

Our drive to elevate each other combines individual competence with the collective genius required for exceptional work.

Career Growth Opportunities

Team members have clear paths to grow from early potential to managing teams through our emerging leader program sponsoring training, temporary management appointments and more.

Competitive Total Rewards

We invest in talent through generous compensation, health benefits, retirement plans, annual bonuses and flexible remote work arrangements.

Ongoing Learning

Staying on the cutting edge of content marketing through sponsored conferences, workshops, book/course stipends and externships is the norm here!

For our clients, Kendragon Agency’s empowering culture means entrusting your content marketing to specialists who love what they do. Happy team members go the extra mile, refuse to settle for mediocrity and pour creativity into delivering over-the-top excellent work.

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