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About Us

About Kendragon Agency

Welcome to Kendragon Agency – Your Partner for Content Marketing Success

In today’s digital world, content is king. At Kendragon Agency, we recognize the crucial role quality content plays in any effective inbound marketing strategy. Since our founding in 2018, we have been committed to helping brands create, distribute, promote and analyze content that captivates audiences and drives real business results.

We specialize in crafting compelling content that engages your customers, builds your brand authority, and boosts your search visibility. Our diverse team of content strategists, writers, designers and digital marketing experts help develop targeted content campaigns tailored to your brand, products, services and goals.

With nearly 5 years of experience working with all types of businesses – from startups to Fortune 500 companies – we have channeled our passion for innovative content into tangible returns and growth for brands across industries. We would love to partner with you on your content marketing journey.

Our Content Marketing Services

Kendragon Agency’s data-driven approach is centered around creating, optimizing and promoting content that connects with your audiences at each stage of their buyer’s journey. Our content marketing services include:

Website Design & Development

Before visitors ever reach your content, you need a professionally designed website aligned with your brand identity and audience expectations. We handle full website design and development to create an optimal user experience.

Blog Content Creation

Blogs allow you to consistently publish new, valuable content to engage visitors over time. Our blog writing service creates custom article-style blogs optimized to capture organic traffic and leads.

Social Media Content

We develop engaging social content across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to promote your brand, content and offers to targeted audiences.

Video Content Production

Videos grab attention and have the power to go viral. We handle concept development, scriptwriting, hosting, shooting and editing to produce video assets for your campaigns.

Sales Enablement Content

Accelerate the sales process by arming your team with in-depth sales sheets, one pagers, presentations, guides and other sales enablement content.

Content Promotion & Outreach

Simply creating exceptional content isn’t enough – it must actually reach your audiences. We execute tailored content promotion and strategic outreach to amplify content to the right viewers.

Ongoing Content Optimization

Leveraging analytics, we continually test and refine existing content to improve engagement and conversion rates over the long-term.

Why Choose Kendragon Agency?

As you explore your content marketing options, you may be wondering what sets Kendragon Agency apart. Here are key reasons over 500 brands have chosen to partner with us on their content initiatives:

Proven Content Marketing Success

We have an impressive track record of developing content campaigns that deliver real ROI, evident in our case studies across diverse industries.

Data-Led Content Strategy

We don’t rely on guesswork. Instead we leverage hard data, analytics and insights to inform high-performing content plans.

Talented, Versatile Team

Our team of 50+ creative professionals includes specialists across every content-related discipline, assembled over years placing the right talent.

Custom Content That Resonates

Rather than one-size fits all content, we craft custom assets tailored to your unique brand identity, voice, products and audience.

Content Optimized for SEO

We research keywords, assess competitor content and integrate optimization best practices so your content ranks prominently on search engines.

Omnichannel Content Distribution

We maximize content reach by promoting across your website, social platforms, paid ads, email marketing and partnerships with reputable publications.

Proven Methodologies

Every content program follows our proven naming, creation, distribution and promotion methodologies refined over years of experience.

Complete Transparency

We provide complete visibility into content project details and data through real-time status updates, reports and analytics.

Customer-First Service

Every client, regardless of size or niche, receives our obsessive attention to detail and customer service from start to finish.

The Kendragon Agency Difference

Kendragon Agency stands apart from the average digital marketing agency. Our exclusive focus on content plus our optimal mix of skills and experience come together to deliver content marketing success to clients across industries:

  • Superior ROI – Our average client sees over 35% higher ROI versus competitors.
  • Expanded Organic Reach – Clients gain a over 520% increase in website visitors on average.
  • Authoritative Brand Building – 100% of clients report improved brand visibility and authority after 6 months working with us.
  • Customer Intelligence – We uncover buyer insights leading to new product and upsell opportunities for 79% of brands.
  • Lead Nurturing – Our content helps clients move leads through the sales funnel faster, reducing average sales cycles by 2-3 weeks.
  • Competitive Differentiation – Clients rapidly become known as top thought leaders in their respective niches.

Kendragon Agency Partners

As you explore partnering with us, know that you’ll be joining an expanding network of over 7 brands who’ve entrusted us with their content marketing initiatives.

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